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06 March
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Bareback Time

Junior was having his morning jog when he went up to Cristian. He let him touch his bulging cock and things went naughty since then. Cristian couldn’t resist it so he suck that dick and took it in his ass with no rubber and it felt so damn good.

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03 August

Euro Guys Naked Orgy


William Higgins

Wank Party 2012 #7 features Rado Smutny, Mattias Solich, Anton Malac, Mirek Hodbod and Patrik Lukasz. In this second part we pick up where we left things, with Mattias Solich being rimmed by Rado, and Mirek sucking his cock. At the same time Patrik is tongueing Anton’s hot ass. Rado’s tongue is really working on Mattias hole, lapping at him. The same goes for Patrik, with Anton. Patrik is rock hard and turn Anton over, sliding his cock into that wet hole. Mirek moves over and feeds his cock into Anton’s mouth, so he is filled at both ends. Meanwhile Mattias’ hole is filled as he rides Rado’s big fat cock. Rado wanks on Mattias dick as well. It isn’t long before Mattias hits the point of no return and drops a nice big load of cum while he is being fucked. Mirek takes over fucking Anton, from Patrik, thrusting his cock deep into that ass. With cum all over his belly Rado sits up, his cock still deep in that ass, and sucks Mattias spent dick. Mattias still needs to be fucked hard though and he lays on the sofa, with his legs in the air while Patrik dicks him nice and hard. Mirek wants cock too and Anton obliges, he fucks that hot ass while his own hole is still being fucked by Rado. Anton is working hard fucking himself onto Rado’s cock while his own is fucking Mirek. A change of partners has Mirek bent over with Patrik pounding his ass. Anton sits and rides on Rado’s thick cock as his own cock is being sucked by Mattias. They are all hot for hard sex and change again with Rado spooning Anton and Patrik ramming his dick deep into Mattias ass. It all gets too much for Mirek who stands over Rado and dumps a nice big load all over him. Meanwhile Rado continues fucking Anton whose cock throbs and grows as he shoots his cum all over his belly. That sets Rado off and he pulls out and shoots his cum all over Anton’s balls, and what a big load it is. Rado kisses Anton as he relaxes after his exertions. Mattias kneels and looks up at Patrik who creams himself over that hairy chest. Anton is wanking himself hard as Patrik cums and he drops a second load on Mattias. Then he leans over and kisses Patrik to finish a really great Wank Party.

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